Water Main Construction Services – Southern Maine

Water main construction is a challenging aspect of underground utility construction and choosing an experienced contractor is important to getting the job done right the first time.

The water main construction team at Dearborn Brothers Construction, are specialists in utility excavation and water main installation and will provide you with an expert utility install every time.

Whether it’s a new water main for a rural residential subdivision or replacement of an existing water main line in the middle of downtown Portland, we have the ability and expertise to complete your project without costly re-excavations and re-installations due to improper construction. In other words, we get the water main installed correctly the first time.

Water Main Construction Costs:

Without having a knowledgeable contractor overseeing your installation, water main construction costs can quickly balloon past your budget. Poor coordination with other subcontractors, excessive disruption of traffic and access to businesses during excavation all have a negative economic impact. Don’t make that mistake. We have over 35 years of excavation experience to ensure your job is done right. And, we work hard to properly schedule and manage projects so it’s completed on time and in budget.

Commercial Water Main Construction:

When it comes to commercial water main construction, we have the experience and the equipment to manage all the details of construction and make sure it’s done right. You will work directly through our construction foreman who will coordinate the installation with all other subcontractors to ensure your project runs smoothly.

We understand that you need the project finished on time, without worrying about whether or not it was installed correctly. Dearborn Brothers Construction is the right company for water main construction and installation on your commercial and municipal construction projects in Southern Maine.

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Water Main Construction Southern Maine

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